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victim of a good reputation – Low free pooled XenDesktops

The Citrix Director is not so bad, and with Version 7.7 it is still better because now it’s possible to send email alerts. But one problem I still have … our provided pooled XenDesktop which are used for remote access with private computers are victim of a good reputation … this means a good word-of-mouth advertising in our company more and more people are tempted to use it … and we need to know when the number of free pooled desktop is low. And no I won’t go the read the numbers every day in director or Citrix Studio.

So I created a small script which send me an email as soon a defined threshold of free desktops is reached:


The code is on GitHub:

2 Responses to victim of a good reputation – Low free pooled XenDesktops

  • Hey Sacha

    One minor improvement, set the mail priority to High when number of free desktops is lower than a threshold you set (20% maybe?)

    Or get the email only when the threshold is reached 🙂 i am doing this with every report and when I don’t see a hi-prio email, i just delete it 🙂


    • This Script only send the email when threshold is reached, prio is an easy thing to add if somebody wish that.

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