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Monats-Archive: March 2018

Citrix Receiver 4.11 – Tastatur and Spracheinstellungen


Im Citrix Receiver 4.11 gibt es neue Funktionen zur Verbesserung der Steuerung über die Tastatur und Spracheinstellung (Improved Control Over the Remote Language Bar for Seamless Published Applications, Siehee ). Für uns hier in der Schweiz ist dies besonders toll und wichtig weil wir hier 4 offizielle Landessprachen sowie auch unterschiedliche Tastaturlayouts haben. In der Schweiz wird Deutsch, Französisch, Italienisch und Rätoromanisch gesprochen. Zwar findet Rätoromanisch wohl in den meisten Unternehmen keine grosse Beachtung, jedoch sind Deutsch, Italienisch und Französisch durchaus fast überall von Bedeutung.


As I plan to roll out the Receiver 4.11 in my company, my aim is to keep the possibility open for the user for configure that on receiver, but I want to have a pre-defined setting. By the way, earlier we always hid the Language bar by making use of the SeamlessFlags (on server side). But I experienced that this had in Server 2016 a negative impact to the logon time, don’t ask me why … But it’s a fact and i’s reproducible so I keep the Language bar visible and now I’m very happy that this is configurable in Receiver.

The configuration of this both features is is described here and it’s possible to hide this Advanced feature with a reg Key.
But there is just described the config via GUI for the user! And there is today no way to configure that in the ADMX 🙁 

With the help of ProcMon and Total Commander I just found out which two settings are getting touched when User set this preferences:

Local Keyboard is in the good old Appsrv.ini – the value is LocalIME=1 to use the local keyboard

Language Bar is HKCU\SOFTWARE\Ica Client\Engine\Configuration\Advanced\Modules\LocalIME
DWORD: DisableLanguageBar

So if you want to configure this for all users you need to “patch” the AppSrv.ini to set the local Keyboard and/or Adjust the reg key above to disable the Language Bar on receiver side.

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