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Monats-Archive: December 2013

Issue by creating a PVS 7.1 farm

If you try to create a new Farm and the Provisioning Services Configuration Wizard stuck on a “Not responding” during the Database Server step maybe you have to many databases on the Server: 


Workaround: Use the DbScript.exe to get the Database creation script and create the database with this script directly on the DB server:



Citrix DSCHECK doesen’t work … “No resource module ImaMsgsUI.dll found.”

When you try to make a Citrix Datastore validaiton with DSCHECK you receive the error message :

” No resource module ImaMsgsUI.dll found. “


Probably you are on a Citrix server with UAC,

Launch the command line with administrative privileges, “run as administrator” before you make the dscheck.

more details about dscheck.exe here:

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