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About me

Sacha Thomet is blogging here … A Citrix-Geek who like to share knowledge. I’m working since more than 10 years with Citrix products and more than 15 years in IT.

I’m not a programmer but I love scripting, started with DOS command-line (*.bat, *.cmd) continued with VB-Script (*.vbs) and now since 2013 also PowerShell. I love the coexistence from Windows, Mac, Linux and other operating Systems. This is an aspect what makes Citrix products so indispensable and gives the chance to use every operating system where it’s best please.

And yes I’m certified, I’m a Citrix Certified Integration Architect for Virtualization (CCIA),  and Citrix Certified Expert – Virtualization (CCE-V on XenDesktop 7.x). For Networking I have the Citrix Certified Associate Level.
In February 2016 I received the Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) Award which was renewed in 2017.


Contact & Social Media

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Language … 

I’m born and raised in Switzerland, my mother tongue is the bernese dialect of Swiss-German. My first foreign language what I’ve learned is the “real” German, second language I was skilled is French.

And I know my “swiss-german-english” is far away from perfect, but that’s the way to reach a bigger community with this blog.


MyCUGC Leader

I’m leading the Citrix User Group Community for Switzerland, SwissCUGC.
Join us at !

Public Speaking

PowerShell Health Check Script for Citrix PVS
GeekSpeak Tonight, GeekOvation Award, at Citrix Synergy Orlando
May 2015
Language: English

Customized Health Check for  Citrix Products with PowerShell
Citrix Day 2016, Digicomp Zurich,
Slides: Customized_HealthCeck_for_Citrix_Products_with_PowerShell.pdf
Nov 2016
Language: Swiss German

The stony road of a VDI migration  from Windows 7 to Windows 10
E2EVC, Rome,
Slides: StonyRoadWindows10migration.pdf
Nov 2016
Language: English

Der steinige Weg einer VDI Migration nach Windows 10 und danach …
VCNRW, Köln,
April 2017
Language: German

Windows 10 auf VDI in der Praxis
Digicomp Citrix Day 2017, Zurich,
Slides: Digicomp_CitrixDay_Windows_10__auf_virtuellenDesktops_in_der_Praxis.pdf
November 2017
Language: German

Citrix Cloud, Smart start mit Smart Tools
Digicomp Citrix Day 2017, Zurich,
Slides: 17_SmartStart_SmartTools_v1.0_Stefan_Beckmann.pdf
November 2017
Language: German

Citrix Cloud, Smart start with Smart Tools
E2EVC 2017, Barcelona,
Recording: comming soon
Slides: comming soon
November 2017
Language: English

Windows 10 based VDI on Citrix Virtual Desktop – Key Takeaways From the Field Webinar
Recording: mycugc
Slides: on mycugc
December 2018
Language: English

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